Kat’s Kommentary

Kat’s Kommentary


I’m an avid reader and always have been.  In fact, when my parents went to the Parent Teacher meeting with my grade 5 teacher, he told them to get me a public library card, because I had already read everything in the school library.  Now, I’ve been given a great opportunity to read and review some of my favorite things….BOOKS!  This might just be the best job ever!



Erin Healy is fascinated by the concept of “thin” places, a
Celtic name for locations in the world where the veil between physical and
spiritual realities is so delicate that a person can see through it. For her,
thin places are revelations about what it means to be a spiritual creation in a
physical world. She writes supernatural suspense novels from a Christian
worldview, with her eyes open to God’s mysterious side.  Basically, she writes great books.

"Stranger Things" was always going to be about human trafficking,
but it was supposed to be about the foreign human trafficking problem.  While researching, Erin discovered that it’s
not simply a foreign problem, but a global one that is happening right here in
our own back yard.  Weaving a powerful
and suspenseful story of redemption and rescue, Stranger Things will open your
eyes (as it did mine) to the dangerous epidemic of human slavery and incite
your passion to bring it down. 

best recommendation….my mom read this book in just a day, it’s just that
good.  The last time she did that the
book was “Left Behind” in and it lead me to salvation. 

So, should you get this book?  Absolutely!  It gets a solid Weekend Reading Recommendation.   

"Stranger Things" is available at Scott’s Parable Inspirational Gifts & Books at 15% off until Saturday, January 4th.  Just tell them you heard it on the radio.    



Ali Kat

On Air Personality and AVID reader


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This is a powerful message about Human traficking