Kat’s Kommentary


I am an avid reader and always have been.  In fact, when my parents went to the Parent
Teacher meeting with my grade 5 teacher…he told them to get me a public library
card, because I had already read everything in the school library.  Now, thanks to Blessing’s Christian Marketplace,
I have been given a great opportunity to read and review some of my favourite
things….BOOKS!  This might just be the
best job ever!

The first two books they sent were by author’s I have never
heard of and I was a little leery of what I had gotten myself into.  To my surprise, (Yes, I’m a little stuck in
my ways…lol!) the books were great!

I started with the non-fiction, “7 Men And The Secret Of
Their Greatness” by Eric Metaxas.  It’s a
commentary on what it means to be a man, a father and a role model.  To illustrate this Eric has chosen 7 men who
showed all of these qualities.  George
Washington, William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jackie
Robinson, Pope John Paul II and Charles W. Colson. 

Metaxas examines the lives of these great men and tried to
answer “two vitally important questions: First, What is a man? And second, What
makes a man great?” (From the introduction of “7 Men And The Secret Of Their
Greatness” by Eric Metaxas)

I didn’t know a lot about these men beyond the
superficial.  Washington was the first US
President, Wilberforce was the subject of that movie “Amazing Grace”, Robinson
played baseball (Not my favourite sport) and EVERYONE knows the Pope!  The other guys, Liddell, Bonhoefer &
Colson I’d never even heard of.  Reading
Metaxas’ book opened my eyes to the stories of these great men and how their
faith impacted not just their lives, but the actual course of history.  Without just one of them, the world would be
a very different place.  These men lived their
beliefs, and made a difference for the eternal Kingdom. 

I found I was challenged by the stories of these men to more
fully live out my faith and belief in Christ. 
Not because I want to be great, but because I want to emulate these
great men and make an eternal difference. 
The story I found stood out to me most clearly was that of William

“Wilberforce understood the profoundly important concept that
we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God.  He hated the sin but loved the sinner, and he
never demonized his opponents.  He fought
against them valiantly but always with grace, knowing that he had been part of
the problem at one time, too, and knowing that if it weren’t for the grace of
God, he would still be part of the problem.” 
(Page 54, “7 Men And The Secret Of Their Greatness” by Eric Metaxas)

I would highly recommend this book for everyone, but
especially fathers.  Let’s take back what
it means to be a man and remind the world that it begins and ends with our
Heavenly Father.  If you’d like to be entered to win a copy of "7 Men" just click here and enter the monthly draw. 

Next time, I’ll tell you about “Damascus Countdown” by Joel
C. Rosenburg.  I’m about a third of the
way in and so far, it’s fast paced, exciting and smart.  Focused on Iran and Israel and prophesies
from Ezekiel and the threat of nuclear war. 

Both of these books as well as MANY more are available at
Blessings Christian Marketplace in Edmonton, Calgary and Langley. 


Ali Kat

On Air Personality and AVID reader