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I’m an avid reader and always have been.  In fact, when my parents went to the Parent Teacher meeting with my grade 5 teacher, he told them to get me a public library card, because I had already read everything in the school library.  Now, I’ve been given a great opportunity to read and review some of my favorite things….BOOKS!  This might just be the best job ever!

Denise Hunter began writing in 1996 while her children were
napping.  It took two years, but once her
first book was published a new kid moved on to the Christian romance block.  She’s written 21 books so far and though her
husband claims he’s the inspiration for all the romance, Denise says a good
imagination is invaluable.

Dancing With
” is a pro-life story without the judgment, rhetoric and controversy.  Denise acknowledges the elephant in the room
without making it the central focus. 
Coupled with warm, funny and quirky characters “Dancing With Fireflies”
is a joy to sink into with a good cup of tea and a Kleenex box nearby.  The Kleenex with be for both tears of
poignancy and laughter.  I loved this
story and I can’t wait to read more from the delightful Hunter. 

So, should you get this book?  Absolutely!  It gets a solid Weekend Reading Recommendation just make sure you don’t bump into furniture when you can’t put it down!  🙂  And I suggest ordering in. 


Ali Kat

On Air Personality and AVID reader


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