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I’m an avid reader and always have been.  In fact, when my parents went to the Parent Teacher meeting with my grade 5 teacher, he told them to get me a public library card, because I had already read everything in the school library.  Now, I’ve been given a great opportunity to read and review some of my favorite things….BOOKS!  This might just be the best job ever!

Terri Blackstock is one of the most prolific Christian
fiction authors today, but she wasn’t always. 
In fact she began her career writing secular romance.  She had much success and was very popular…but
something wasn’t right.  In 1994, 12
years after she began Terri decided to write novels that glorify God and as
lovers of great Christian fiction we are forever grateful.

Distortion is a
fast paced murder mystery with more twists and turns than the Indy 500.  Juliette is the “good” sister.  Strong in her faith, married to a wonderful
man, raising two fabulous boys.  When her
husband is brutally gunned down in a parking lot her world begins to crumble
around her and everything she knows is not what it seems.  In fact her whole life has been built on lies
and deception.  Distortion will keep you guessing until the end, leave you trying
to catch your breath and primed for the next book in this series.  

So, should you get this book?  Absolutely! 
It gets a solid Weekend Reading Recommendation just make sure you don’t
read it before bed or you won’t be getting a lot of sleep when you can’t put it
down!  🙂 


Ali Kat

On Air Personality and AVID reader


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