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I’m an avid reader and always have been.  In fact, when my parents went to the Parent Teacher meeting with my grade 5 teacher, he told them to get me a public library card, because I had already read everything in the school library.  Now, I’ve been given a great opportunity to read and review some of my favorite things….BOOKS!  This might just be the best job ever!


Bunmi Laditan is the genius behind The Honest Toddler.  It began as a twitter account and a way to
vent some of the angst and frustration she was feeling as the mother of a
toddler.  Her happy, placid easy baby was
now a mutant living in her home and demanding “all the things”.  The twitter following grew quickly and many,
many, many other parents shared their adventures with the little despots in their
homes and she realized she was not alone. 
Now the hilarity of her tweets are a full length book!

“The Honest Toddler: How To Be A Better Parental Servant” is
a laugh out loud, tears pouring down your cheeks, can’t catch your breath
book.  Written in the voice of her “little
blessing” the book covers a range of topics close to a toddler’s heart like, “Toddler-Approved
Recipes” “Sleep: Weaning Yourself Off of It” and “Potty Training

If you are a
parent you will relate…if you have ever seen a toddler, you will relate and
maybe begin to understand, just a little what parenting is like.  This books makes it okay to have a sense of humor
as a parent and in fact strongly encourages one to maintain your sanity.  Beautifully tongue in cheek it will remind
you that you’re not alone in your struggles with the little tyrant in your home
and that inside every “loud response” is truly a little blessing if you just

So, should you get this book?  Absolutely! 
It gets a solid Weekend Reading Recommendation.  Just make sure you have a
strong bladder and you can live with your family staring at your fits of
laughter with confusion. 🙂


Ali Kat

On Air Personality and AVID reader


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