My Avena Journey…week 2

I’ve now been working the Avena 90 Day Health Challenge for 12 days and I’m not gonna lie…its hard work, but I’m already seeing results!!

One of my goals (And truthfully not one I thought could be achieved) was to have clearer skin. (My acne frustrates me so much!! )  And now, 12 days in…my skin is healing and there are hardly any new blemishes coming!  I am looking in the mirror and seeing myself again!  It’s an amazing feeling to look in the mirror and feel attractive.  I’ve wanted to hide my face for so long that I’d almost forgotten what that felt like.  So…1 MAJOR point Avena!



I am also feeling less dependent on caffeine, waking up easier in the morning, I’m less tired overall and the best part…I wore a pair of jeans I haven’t been comfortable in for more than a year!

So far the scale hasn’t moved, but all the bloat and inflammation is going away.  I’m still in the washroom rather often to tidally wink, but that’s getting better too.  😉  I really believe I’m on my way to my best health ever.  Feel free to join me…just contact the wonderful people at Avena!