My Avena Journey

Wow….changes, changes, changes…

I’ve begun a new journey and I’m hoping to be a lot fitter and healthier at the end of it all.  As you may have heard, I’m doing the 90 day health challenge with Avena Originals.  They believe that health is a matter of choice, NOT a matter of chance and to be healthy you need to clean and feed your body well.

So that’s what I’m doing….working to clean and feed my body well.  I’m working to lose some weight, sure, but I’m also looking to feel better5 overall.  No more tired all the time, restless sleeping, ACNE!  (ARGH, that one’s is the worst!  Being a woman in my 30’s and I’ve got zits!?!) 

In my first consultation, Cam and Jen, my coaches through this challenge told me that things will change for the better as I go through the 90 days, but that it will be tough.  And so far, it is, but not as tough as I think it will get.  Lol  I’m still riding the wave of excitement to be going in a better direction and learning new ways to live.  I think it’s going to get a lot harder in the next few weeks as I strive to make life changes forever.

I’ve set some goals and I’m posting them here because I’m counting on all of you to help me be accountable.  🙂

First 30 days of the 90 day challenge goals:

            -lose 5lbs

            -give up caffeine

            -clearer skin

            Get my diet to be 75% raw

So far, my skin is improving after just a week on the program and I’m down to just 1-2 cups of coffee a day instead of 5 or more!  I’d say I’m progressing, and I do feel good.  They say true health is within reach…so I’m reaching!