Ali Kat

Heroes: I don’t really have anyone specific…I suppose my brother, when he got saved, he spent 2 years praying and fasting every Friday for me to get saved.  When I finally did and told him, the first thing he said was, “Yay, I can eat Pizza on Fridays again!!”.  He is a real “man after Gods own heart” and it’s a great example to me.

Favourite Quote:
Romans 8:28…I always say it’s where God tells us He can do amazing things with all my mistakes and I make a lot of them.  And of course any quote from Friends…JOEY DOESN”T SHARE FOOD!!!!

Favourite Artist: So many…Third Day, Hillsong, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley…it changes all the time.

What makes you happy?:
A day that involves nothing but a good book, junk food and sunshine or spending time with my family.  With two nephews and a niece I can never be bored….nor do I get a lot of time for that good book.  lol

If you could spend one day with anyone, who would it be and what would you do?: Everyone says Jesus, but I’m going to be different…I would like to spend the day with the Canadian and American troops around the world telling them how thankful for their service I am.  Because they stand in front of me, I can stand in freedom.

Photo courtesy of Myla T. Photography