Sending Smiles

You know that wonderful feeling you get when a smiling face meets yours, you just can’t help but smile too! It hasn’t been the easiest year and for many the lack of social interaction has made the world a lonely place. Senior Care residents have been one of the hardest hit communities when it comes to isolation and we want to make sure they know we are thinking of them even if we can’t see them face to face.

There lots of residents in the Bethany senior community and we want to Send them some Smiles! Send a card, a letter, get creative! We have added a template colouring card here but feel free to make your own too. You can mail your card or drop it off at your most convenient Bethany location. Let’s get together to help make the world a brighter place by Sending Smiles TODAY!


Bethany CollegeSide
99 College Circle
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 0M3

Bethany Cochrane
1000, 32 Quigley Drive
Cochrane, Alberta
T4C 1X9